MacGyver season 5: A little hype from Lucas Till on what’s ahead

MacGyverAt the moment, we are still amidst a waiting game for MacGyver season 5 to start filming. There is no hurry with episodes in the can, but it will be exciting to see the cast and crew back at work! There is a new showrunner on board in Monica Macer, and all signs point to her having some great ideas as to how this story is going to move forward.

Here’s one sign that season 5 is going to be awesome — star Lucas Till seems to be very-much excited about it! He expressed all of these emotions today in a new post on Twitter, indicating that it probably be “the best television I may ever be a part of.” We’re hoping that season 5 gives Till the opportunity to explore all sides of Mac, whether it be his ingenuity, his intelligence, or his ability to be a great friend and member of a team. It’s always possible that his romantic life could be in here, as well, but we’ll have to wait and see on some of that.

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Ultimately, the leftover episodes will allow it so that MacGyver will premiere at some point this fall, though it could be a while still before we see some of the installments that are currently being written. As we get closer to production starting, we’ll assume that there will be more updates coming. The show is a part of a lineup this season with Magnum PI and Blue Bloods, and we think more emphasis will be put on it now than ever before due to the departure of Hawaii Five-0 after so many years on the air.

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