Power Book II: Ghost episode 6 spoilers: What’s next for Brayden?

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As we move into Power Book II: Ghost episode 6 on Starz later this year, Brayden’s going to be in an interesting spot. He’s starting to get integrated into Tariq’s world more than ever, and he’s shown that he is useful. He’s used to having money, he’s a social butterfly, and he’s used to getting a lot of what he wants. Is he also oblivious to things happening around him? Sure — a great example of that is what’s going down with Riley right now.

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We know that there are a lot of comparisons that have been drawn between Brayden on this show and Tommy from Book I — both of them are good friends to the show’s leading characters, and each one also has some business ties. Yet, Brayden’s also not a parallel to Tommy by any means. That is something that creator/showrunner Courtney Kemp illustrates further as a part of a new interview with TVLine on the subject:

“Brayden is Tariq’s best friend. Ghost was Tommy’s best friend … But the way that it’s different is that when people try to make that equivalency, Tommy was even more street savvy than Ghost, even more of the life than Ghost was. Ghost spoke two languages and Tommy spoke one, but he spoke it really well.

“… [Brayden] has come up with money in the same way that Tariq has. They have a lot of shared background, but it’s not the one that prepares you for the street. With that said, Brayden doesn’t have the fear that comes along with being African-American. He’s very free as a straight, white male, and very free in the world. He’s freer than Tommy ever was.”

In the end, we expect that Brayden will have an easier time getting some things done because of his privilege and his connections — though when he’s in danger, he’s probably not going to handle that well. This is what his life has not prepared him for at all.

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