Power Book II: Ghost episode 6 promo: The pieces are all on the board

Power Book II: Ghost season 1

Power Book II: Ghost episode 6 is coming onto Starz this December, and there is danger afoot for a wide array of different characters.

Want further proof of that? Then just take a look at the new promo below, which paints everything within this world as a game of chess. Of course, the twist here is that a lot of these pieces are starting to rather quickly crumble and fall apart.

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Of course, we think that the chess metaphor here is a callback to a line in episode 5, and every single person within this world as a different role to play. Some are meant to protect the King and Queen, and others are meant to be sacrificed. There is an ominous message present here in “no one is safe,” which is the sort of thing that really should make you nervous that some beloved characters could be killed off.

At the moment, the person we are probably the most concerned about is Tasha, largely because of the predicament that she finds herself in. Tariq is the one who may have the spotlight on him thanks to Davis McLean and Cooper Saxe deciding to work together — if that spotlight gets brighter, will Tasha choose to remove herself from the equation and, in turn, save him? It’s something that you do have to think about given how much she has sacrificed for him.

Beyond just his mother’s trial, Tariq does have a lot to worry about with the Tejada family. While Monet has welcomed him into her family, at the same time not everyone else may be doing so with even halfway-open arms. If he makes one move that crosses them, there is also a chance at further bloodshed.

What do you want to see on Power Book II: Ghost episode 6?

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