The Boys season 2 episode 7: Actor talks huge Lamplighter scene

LamplighterThere were so many huge moments on The Boys season 2 episode 7, whether it be the courthouse sequence, Homelander taking away his son, or Starlight being proclaimed to be a traitor at a news conference. There were also many deaths, but none more shocking than what happened to Lamplighter. He took his own life in the midst of working alongside Hughie, and the move did end up triggering the evacuation system so that he could rescue his ally within the Seven.

Yet, that doesn’t make Lamplighter’s end any less sad. He was used by the same system that adored him, and could never really shake some of the guilt from his past. Seeing himself effectively removed from the Seven’s history was just further salt in the wound.

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Shawn Ashmore did do a fantastic job in limited time as this character, and speaking via TVLine he claims that he knew “from the get-go that he was going out, and I loved that.” He also appreciated the epic nature of the character’s farewell:

“It was such a bold choice. The way that I look at death scenes is if you’re gonna go out on a show or on a film, it better be good, and it better be impactful. Otherwise, I feel like it’s a waste. I feel like it was a perfect ending to Lamplighter, and it puts Hughie in such a crazy situation.

“It was tragic to me,” Ashmore continues. “He walks into his home, the tower, where he thinks he belongs or wants to belong, and the last remnants of who he was or what made him important or what his identity was as a supe is gone, and he’s been replaced. … [The death is] so final, and it’s so powerful, and it’s so intense that I love that scene. It was a bummer to be gone because I love the character, and I would have loved to continue playing him, but I thought it was a very, very important scene, and it was the right way for Lamplighter to go. It was an intense scene, but I was really happy with it.”

Ultimately, Lamplighter does get a legacy through this scene — and also a moment that may overshadow the ridiculousness of Hughie having to effectively babysit him earlier on in the episode.

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