‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 finale spoilers: Will Donal Logue stick around?

Sons of AnarchyThere are some interesting stories to play out during the “Sons of Anarchy” season 5 finale next week, but we also know per Ron Perlman that the vast majority of the storylines are not going to be tied together with a neat little bow by the time the extended episode wraps. As a matter of fact, most of them are going to carry into season 6 in some way.

One particular storyline worth nothing in this sense is that of Lee Toric, the former U.S. Marshal who arrived in Charming following the death of his sister … who just happened to be the nurse that Otto killed with a crucifix earlier this season. He has already not only set his sights on Tara, but he has a plot of revenge that makes him one of the most dangerous people SAMCRO has seen yet. In a conference call with reporters this week, Donal Logue helped to explain not only that his character may be around for part of next season, but what about him specifically that makes him such a threat to Tara and Jax:

“A lot of people have come into their world from my world, even though I’m not active law enforcement anymore, because their job is to go after different organized criminal groups. It’s just their job. We’re doing it in this town in northern California, we might be doing it in South Carolina next. And it’s kind of like a competitive sport … This guy’s coming into their world like Outlaw Josey Wales…. It feels like a weightier threat because he comes from such a different world, and he’s so powerfully motivated with revenge and he’s so mysterious. Even the Popes in the world, who are very scary and powerful guys, you know they’re based out of Oakland, you know where they are.”

Logue also added that he is already relishing the intense reaction to his character from “Sons of Anarchy” fans, in particular since what he is going after (in potentially innocent lives) is so different than Jax or Clay taking out those who are deserving. It is also ironic in a sense to watch viewers of such a violent show develop such a strong attachment and a sense of morality to the people they truly want to protect.

Do you already like what Logue is bringing to the show? If you want to watch the first sneak peek of the finale, you can do so here.

Photo: FX

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