‘Amercian Horror Story: Asylum’ review: A dark angel comes to Briarcliff

American Horror Story: AsylumOn tonight’s episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum” Grace meets a dark angel when she almost dies from the sterilization that was performed on her, and while everyone thinks that Dr. Arden is the man behind the operation, he tells Sister Mary Eunice that he never did the operation. Dr. Arden takes special care of Grace to make sure that she lives to tell people that he did not perform the operation.

One of the patients, Miles, is working in the kitchen when he hears the voices in his head arguing and he decides to put his wrists into a meat slicer. When Sister Mary Eunice comes to the kitchen to see what happened she sees a word written on the wall in an ancient language. Once he is put into isolation, he sees the dark angel he summoned standing before him and she offers to help him give him what he wants.  She gives him the kiss of death and he passes on. Sister Mary Eunice comes into the room and confronts her, telling her to leave, but the dark angel tells her that they are cousins and that they will meet again.

While Bloody Face is having his way with Lana she sees the Dark Angel and she later comes back to offer Lana a chance to die.  Lana passes on the opportunity, but is then faced with Dr. Thredson who has decided that he wants to end his time with her. During a struggle, Lana manages to choke him with her chain and stab him with a syringe full of sedative, freeing herself. She runs down the street and jumps in a stranger’s car, but unfortunately the guy has just had a massive fight with his wife after she cheated on him. He blows his head off while driving the car and it crashes leaving Lana back at Briarcliff. Lana tells Sister Mary Eunice about Dr. Thredson, and she assures her that she will take care of the situation, but not before giving Lana her pills.

Kit is meeting with his lawyer and as all the options seem to lead to the electric chair he decides to smash the lawyer in the face with a hole puncher and escape. He comes back to Briarcliff to get Grace and as they are making their escape one of Dr. Arden’s “experiments” comes charging at them. After Kit kills the subject, a security guard comes in and shoots Grace. She meets the dark angel once again and this time she receives the kiss of death and passes on while Kit is taken into custody by the guard.

Sister Jude is at Sam Goodman’s house trying to keep him alive, but just before he dies he tells her that one of her nuns was the one that tried to kill him.  An old newspaper clipping of the little girl she ran down is posted to the TV in his room with the words “murder” written on it. She begins drinking in the hotel room when Sister Mary Eunice calls and tells her it will look like Goodman was investigating her and not to come back to Briarcliff.

Sister Jude goes to a nearby diner where she thinks about ending it all, but after deciding not to do it, she meets up with the dark angel. As it turns out she has called to her on more then one occasion, but wanted to know why this time she actually came as opposed to all the other times she wanted to die. The dark angel said that she wasn’t ready to go before because God had a plan for her and Sister Jude says that she needs to do one last thing before she is ready to die. Sister Jude goes to the parents of the little girl she killed to confess her crimes, but is shocked to see the young girl she thought she killed walk into the house as a grown woman. The girl’s father, Hank,  seems suspicious of Sister Jude, but doesn’t say anything.

Do you think Bloody Face is dead? What happened to Kit? Leave us your thoughts below.

Photo: FX

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