‘Duck Dynasty’ season 2 review: The guys go on strike, Miss Kay sells sausages

Duck Dynasty

On the first episode of tonight’s all new “Duck Dynasty” Willie calls in a business consultant to help motivate Jase and the guys into working harder, since they seem to spend more time fooling around then getting any actual work done. One of the first new policies that Wilie implements is new uniforms that the guys will have to wear at work. The guys decide that they are not wearing the uniforms and to teach Willie a lesson they go on strike, picketing outside Duck Commander with homemade signs.

Miss Kay finds herself with tray after tray of sausages after a church event and Jep’s wife Jessica convinces Miss Kay that she should borrow her friend’s old ice cream truck and sell them on the streets of West Monroe. Miss Kay ropes Phil into driving the truck for her. As they drive around trying to sell the sausages they quickly realize that it’s tougher then then thought.

Miss Kay is finally brought in to deal with the Willie/Jase situation and forces the boys to apologize to each other and the uniforms are history.

On the second episode of “Duck Dynasty” NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer comes to West Monroe looking to buy property to turn into a race track. After showing up at Duck Commander in a camouflage limo, he invites Willie and the guys out to lunch. After lunch Willie shows up at the race track Clint with a camouflage limo of his own. Clint tells him he has to take it back and Willie refuses, so Clint challenges him to a race and if Willie wins Clint will put a Duck Commander logo on his race car and if Willie loses he has to return the limo. Much to no one’s surprise Willie loses the race and has to return the limo.

Miss Kay tries to convince Phil that it’s time to throw out his broken old BBQ and get a new one.  She says she has a warranty for it and convinces him to take it back, but only after she bribes him with banana pudding. When Phil and Si arrive at the store, they go to the back of the truck only to discover that the BBQ is gone.  They get back in the truck to go look for the BBQ and find it on the side of the road. When they get the BBQ back to Phil’s house, they decide to junk the propane and turn it into a coal burning BBQ leaving everyone happy happy happy.

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Photo: A&E

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