Big Brother 22 All-Stars: Was Da’Vonne Rogers evicted from the game?

Da'VonneEntering tonight’s Big Brother 22 All-Starsit was clear that there was going to be a lot of trouble for Da’Vonne Rogers in the game. The odds were stacked against her, and she recognized early on in the episode that there were some people she didn’t even need to campaign to.

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As we entered the episode tonight, we felt like the most interesting thing would be seeing Da’Vonne learning that Nicole was the person who flipped on Ian. We know that it happened, but it was due to someone yelling into the backyard. That’s not something that production is ever going to show. They like to keep certain things hidden.

Oddly, the show chose to not even address the wall yeller situation at all, avoiding the story for the most part and focusing in on all of the drama that we saw ahead of it. They just got right into the vote, but Da’Vonne’s speech has to be considered one of the most epic that we’ve ever seen in the history of the show. We wish it would do something when it comes to the vote. This ended up being five votes to two, with Dani and Nicole being the two votes to save her. We think that these votes were purely symbolic, with them looking to cover themselves when it comes to the jury down the road.

In her interview with Julie, Da’Vonne made it clear that she wanted to know from Nicole the truth because of personal reasons just as much as game. She’s not mad about what happened when it comes to the game.

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