‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 spoilers: Ron Perlman on Clay, road to finale

Sons of AnarchyThere is no doubt at all that Tuesday night’s “Sons of Anarchy” season 5 episode was a game-changer for Clay, as there was a revelation not just from him, but for all viewers at home: despite being a character who is at his core pretty easy to loathe, there is some sort of human element to him underneath the surface. Does the man really care about others? Possibly to an extent. But what was really notable about the end of this episode was that it marked the one time really in the entire series that we have seen the character express himself externally and on an emotional level.

So what did Ron Perlman have to say about filming this scene? The actor spoke out to TVLine after the end of the madness Tuesday night, and he explained just about everything that he felt while shooting some of this pivotal footage:

“The reason why he finally breaks down and does it in a way that’s so cathartic and so physical is probably because it’s everything. Whatever he was trying to save is destroyed… Having some sort of a functional relationship with his stepson is destroyed. His standing in the community, which he worked his entire adult life for, is destroyed. He’s now finally been sent into the wilderness; he’s a man without a country, he’s a man without a family, he’s a man without anything. Even though he’s trying to hold one thing — probably the most important thing, which is Gemma — he’s not even that sure about that. It’s just this release. The sins have finally, irrevocably come home to roost, and this is something that even he and all of his cleverness and ruthlessness cannot reverse. This is a done deal. Kurt has not given me that many opportunities to have that kind of emotional release in five years. He was very specific the way he wrote this, that he wanted it to be a violent release of emotion, and I can only assume it’s because it’s a guy who’s lost everything he ever valued.”

So is there still a chance that the character, who is contemplating a move to Belfast, can be redeemed? Perlman seems to at least somewhat agree with the assertion that Jax is becoming more and more like the man that Clay has identified with over the past several years. In addition to that, Perlman does subscribe to the belief that it is darkest before the dawn.

What do you think about Perlman’s new comments here? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to watch the first promo for the “Sons of Anarchy” season 5 finale, you can do so over at the link here.

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