Big Brother 22 All-Stars spoilers: Are Kevin, Da’Vonne seeing the light?

Da'VonneIn the hour that followed Wednesday night’s new Big Brother 22 episode, let’s just say that there is some interesting news that we’re able to hand out!

After spending a lot of the season having some very-bad reads and some inaccurate guesses, tonight Da’Vonne and Kevin started to figure out precisely what was going on in this game. They’re recognizing now that there is probably a core alliance in the game that is split in multiple directions, and that Cody is probably at the nucleus of all of it. They recognize that Dani probably has one side, and that on the other may be Tyler and potentially even David, who they have been trying to work with on some level.

Why hasn’t Tyler campaigned to them all that much? That is one of the questions that the two of them are wondering, and the big answer is simple: He must think that he already has the votes! That’s an important revelation and it shows to them further it’s better to keep Ian — he is at the bottom of the food chain over there.

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Where things may get fun is this — Da’Vonne and Kevin are trying to concoct a plan where they tell everyone in the house that they are voting to evict Tyler, only to vote to evict Ian instead. It’s a home run, but maybe Nicole or Enzo cast a hinky/pity vote in Ian’s direction. If that happens, at the very least they force Dani to break a tie. If there are two hinky votes, all of a sudden we’re at a tie vote and Dani has to be the one to make a decision. If we were Enzo, we’d especially consider this so that Nicole takes the heat from it, even if she doesn’t vote to save Ian.

Alas, we think the Committee is too smart to fall for something like this — they’ll probably all vote together for the sake of preserving any tomfoolery in the game.

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