Power Book II: Ghost: Should Tasha remain behind bars all season?

Power Book II: Ghost season 1

We’re only a matter of days away now from the epic premiere of Power Book II: Ghostand we’ve got a lot of fun stuff to think about. Take, for example, the state of things for Tasha at the moment.

Entering the new series on Starz, we know that Naturi Naughton’s character is behind bars — and for a crime that she did not even commit! She’s protecting her son Tariq, but the point of curiosity comes in how long this current dynamic is going to last. We know already that Power is not the sort of franchise to leave things at the status quo forever. What is happening now, more than likely, is not going to be what is happening many weeks from now. They’ll find a way to shake things up and do it in a jaw-dropping way.

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Our feeling is this — you gotta leave Tasha behind bars long enough for the story to stick. You need to see evolution for her, and for that character to not be the same person at the end of the season that she was at the start of it. Patience is gonna be a virtue for so many of us here! Yet, we don’t want all of the series to be spent with her in prison, given that realistically, there’s only so much story you can do with her there.

Hopefully, Tasha spends a good chunk of the season there, but we have time to also explore her new life after the fact. There’s also the important question to think about here of how she gets out of prison, if she does. That could have ramifications on the rest of the series…

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