NBC ‘Go On’ review: Ryan is back on the dating market

Go On

Tonight on NBC’s “Go On” Ryan is ready to give up his single life and go back on the dating market, but is he really ready or should he give himself more time?

Ryan gets an invitation to meet his friend Misty at a volleyball game to try to meet some available ladies, but strikes out with all of them. After he throws out his back and almost loses his wedding ring he reminisces on how much easier it was to be married and how much he hates dating.

Even though he thought he blew it with the Volleyball players, the next day he ended up with 6 different emails from them after they found out he’s a widower. Ryan picks one of the girls to go on a date with, but when he gets to the restaurant his back gives out.  He drives over to Lauren’s house for comfort after realizing that he’s not ready to date, but after she tries to build him up by saying he’s smart, funny and attractive, he tries to kiss her and she moves out of the way, leaving him and his bad back on the floor. To make matters worse Wyatt was in the other room, but luckily for Ryan he doesn’t see. Ryan ends up telling Wyatt that he tried to kiss Lauren, but Wyatt doesn’t care because men are always chasing after her.

George has an “I’m still alive party”, but when he reveals his list of things he wants to do, the group feels he’s too old to do it all without getting hurt. George decides he will take on his adventures without their help and has a pretty wild time on his own. When George returns to the support group, Ryan’s attempt to kiss Lauren is exposed to everyone.

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Photo: NBC

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