‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2 review: George asks Wade a tough question about Tansy

Tonight on “Hart of Dixie” season 2, Wade is confused as to why Zoe wants to hide their romance from George, but is okay with having Lavon know about them. She doesn’t have any kind of good answer for him, and he is confused about the situation.

George comes to the bar and asks Wade to meet him later for a drink because he wants to talk to him about something, but Wade is scared (thinking it’s about him and Zoe) and instead accepts an offer to take a group of children on a wilderness trip. When they get out into the wilderness much to Wade’s surprise George shows up. Finally George has an opportunity to talk to Wade and asks him if it’s okay if he asks Tansy out on a date and Wade says he’ll think about it. Later Wade comes back to George with his answer about Tansy and says no. He tells George that he feels Tansy is a placeholder until he can get Zoe and just when he’s about to tell him about him and Zoe they get interrupted. George decides to call Tansy anyways and tells Wade that he doesn’t see her as a placeholder, then tells Wade that if he’s worried that Zoe sees him as a placeholder that he should talk to her about it.  Wade is surprised to hear that George knows about him and Zoe, and George says that he’s known for a while.

Magnolia’s dad, Rick asks her if she’d be okay if he asks his girlfriend, Emily to move to Bluebell and live with them and she says she doesn’t want that to happen.   Later while the three are playing a game Magnolia’s dad gets a call and the two women are left alone. When Lucas breaks Magnolia’s heart, she and Emily have a nice moment between them. When Magnolia’s father comes home she tells her dad that it’d be okay if Emily lives with them. Rick asks Emily to move in with them and she ends up telling him no, that she can’t leave her whole life behind.

Lemon sees Ruby being asked out by another man (Tim) and, she is tempted to tell Lavon because of her feelings for him. She goes to Zoe and asks for her help to find out about the man and even though Zoe says no, Lemon drags Tim into her office and finds out that he is in town head hunting a CEO for a highly respected fashion company. As it turns out this man is in town to head hunt Ruby, not date her and Lemon and Zoe are afraid that Lavon’s heart will be broken. Zoe goes to Lavon and tells him what she knows about Ruby and Tim.  During dinner Lavon confronts Ruby about the job offer and she is furious that he thought she would’ve taken that job after she told him that wasn’t going to leave him or Bluebell. In fact she had met with Tim to tell him that she was not taking the job, but after he had Zoe spy on her and not trust her she says that she’s going to take the job.

Zoe meets up with Lemon to talk about the situation with Ruby and Lemon admits to Zoe that she still has feelings for him.  Zoe is upset that Lemon used her to help torpedo her best friends relationship and Lemon goes off to find Lavon. While Lemon goes to Lavon to try and work on some sort of connection with Lavon, but realizes she made a big mistake breaking them up when she sees how hurt he is.  Zoe goes to talk to Ruby about working things out with Lavon, but she says she’s still leaving.

Lavon shows up to picks Ruby up and take her to the airport and asks for the 30 minute ride plead his case as to why she should stay with him, but she gets on the plane for Dallas.  Later the next day much to Lavon’s surprise Ruby comes back and tells Lavon that she took the job but it won’t start until the new year, giving them some time to see if they work out. Ruby tells him she wants a chance to have it all, the job and him and Lavon tells her he’s in.

When Wade gets back into town he goes to see Zoe and tells her that not only does George know about them, but that he is cool about them being together. Zoe’s reaction makes Wade think that he is a placeholder and decides not to spend the night with her and goes back home.

Do you want to see George and Tansy together or are you hoping that he’ll get together with Zoe?

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