Blue Bloods season 11: Key questions on filming, stories, more

Blue Bloods season 11

Blue Bloods season 11 is happening. That much is confirmed. Unfortunately, we can’t quite say that a lot else is.

This is where this article comes into play. While you’re waiting for more details to be unearthed, why not take a look at some of what’s out there now? There are a lot of things that are worth a discussion, and hopefully, we can shed some light on what could be planned … and why the cast and crew are quiet. Remember that after reading this you can also check out our video discussing season 11 further!

When will filming begin? – Despite CBS starting to unveil production dates for many other series, they’ve been rather hesitant to do so here. A part of that may be due to regulations on filming in public places with characters in police uniforms — that’s kind of a big part of the show. There is, of course, also the pandemic playing a factor here. The reason no one wants to confirm a date too early is because it could change, and nobody wants to share false hope.

When will it premiere on CBS? – For the time being, there’s no official date … but we want to remain hopeful it can happen in November. That’s when we would project Magnum PI and MacGyver, which also air on Friday nights, coming back. CBS typically likes to put all of its shows on the air at the same time, so we wouldn’t be surprised if something similar happens here.

What sort of stories will be addressed? – It’s fair to say we’ll see a whole lot more of Joe Hill, the “new” Reagan who was introduced at the end of season 10. Meanwhile, it’s fair to bank on the show addressing a lot of the current events of the past several months — the series has never been shy about doing this, although they tend to offer a different take than most other shows out there.

Why so much secrecy on details? – In case you’re wondering why there are fewer details out here about Blue Bloods than the majority of other shows out there, it’s pretty par for the course! Notoriously this show has a tight lid on what they’re planning for a given season; it’s the reason why nobody knew about Amy Carlson’s exit until right when it happened.

What do you think is going to be coming on Blue Bloods season 11?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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