Better Call Saul season 6: What sets the prequel’s Gus Fring apart

Better Call Saul season 5One of the things that is so fascinating about Better Call Saul is the opportunity it presents to explore the origin stories of several characters. There are a lot of things that you do get to know, but at the same time major question marks, as well.

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What’s one of the biggest ones? It revolves around trying to understand Gus Fring. This is a guy who we’ve never known that much about — there is a great deal of mystery around the character’s past, and we do have questions when it comes to how much of that can be explored.

Also, there’s another interesting part of the Gus story — how does Giancarlo Esposito show evolution between this version of him and the one that we saw over on Breaking Bad? We’ve seen a few interesting differences, and some of it comes down to emotion and how Gus processes things that are happening around him.

Speaking to TVInsider, here is some of what Giancarlo had to say on the subject of playing this part over time:

I wanted him to be a little more irritated [on Better Call Saul], a little more hotheaded. Whereas in Breaking Bad, Gus really kept all of his chips close to the back. He always masked his feelings and in Better Call Saul I wanted you to see a little bit more of this feeling. I was doing a scene with Mike (Jonathan Banks) outside of Los Pollos Hermanos where I was quite upset about the sacrifices I had to make and I thought my emotion was too high, but I carried that feeling and was speaking to our wonderful ADR consultant, who said “No, I think it’s perfect”.

This irritation could be something we see even more from Gus in this final chapter — though it may also inspire him to be a little less hands-off, as we saw from him during the early days of Breaking Bad.

What do you want to see when it comes to Better Call Saul season 6?

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