The Chi season 3 finale discussion: Is Ronnie really dead?

The Chi - RonnieWe knew entering The Chi season 3 finale that there were going to be a lot of different twists and turns. We were hoping that one of them would somehow be the reveal that Ronnie was still out there!

Granted, our hopes weren’t TOO high entering the episode for a number of different reasons. There were interviews out there already stating that the character was dead, and it did seem like something was going to come back around for the character after what happened with Coogie in the past. This was in that sense, a tragedy waiting to happen.

At the start of this weekend’s big finale, it was 100% confirmed that Ronnie is gone. We saw the service, we said goodbye to the character, and we have to prepare now for what the future holds for the show. We hope that the character isn’t forgotten, mostly because of the fact that he brought along some important conversations about redemption is what is possible. The message of Ronnie seems to be pretty simple: You can work to turn your life around and be successful about it at times, but that does not excuse some of the mistakes of the past.

We hope that over the rest of the show, the characters on The Chi really take away something from this. They need to be able to recognize that there are some actions that are hard to come back from, even if they try to make themselves a better person. This is a death that does need to have meaning since otherwise, why kill the character off in this way in the first place? There has been a lot of death on the show over time, and you don’t want to get numb to some of the characters that you lose along the way.

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