The Chi season 3: Why is Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine leaving?

The Chi - RonnieOn this past episode of The Chi season 3, we saw one of the more shocking moves so far … even if it shouldn’t have been shocking at all. After all, Ronnie is the sort of character who could’ve died easily at any moment, and we don’t think anyone would be altogether surprised about it. He’s got so much baggage, and in particular you have to think about what happened when it comes to the death of Coogie. The moment that happened, you knew that was probably going to come back around. It didn’t quite matter if it was now or in a year from now.

In the end, that moment where things came back around happened on last night’s episode. After he had earned some measure of redemption for saving Kiesha and was even honored by some of his community, Ronnie found himself shot dead. It was sudden and it was sad, and the shock was more of the moment than seeing Ronnie himself gone. We’re going to miss Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine and everything he brought to the show.

So what went into the decision to kill this character off now? Speaking in a new interview with TV Guide, here is what executive producer Justin Hillian had to say:

Ronnie is a character that — there’s a Ronnie in every neighborhood. Guys that come back from the war and life isn’t what they thought it was going to be. Promises made to them that are reneged on and then we see how they sort of deal with that trauma, that pain. They self-medicate. And he’s kind of someone that was, you know, forgotten about in this neighborhood much maligned. People had given up on him. And we thought about what Keisha was going through, and that, you know, so many of these girls that go missing, people give up on them. So that’s why it was important for us [that he be the one to rescue her]. He could relate to being the one people give up on. He was like, ‘This is the one thing I’m not gonna do — give up on this girl.’ There was just this ultimate tale of redemption. But we did want to honor karma. So we looked at it kind of like this moment when he’s walking with Tracy, the woman that he did all of this for. He shot Coogie because he was trying to avenge Jason’s death for Tracy. So it was like, not going to get better than this in this moment. That’s why we didn’t want him to see it coming. But also for the person who shot him to be a friend of Coogie who just couldn’t stand seeing this guy who killed his friend be worshipped as a hero. All of that just felt really poetic, and the end of an arc and the end of a story.

So ultimately, the story that was being told here is that there can be a measure of redemption for this character — yet, at the same time you can’t just forget about what happened in the past. All of this comes full-circle within this world, whether it be good things or bad things.

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