Blue Bloods season 11: What’s the biggest challenge it faces?

Blue Bloods season 11

As we prepare for Blue Bloods season 11 on CBS, we know that there are many obstacles coming. Yet, there are multiple obstacles that are right in front of us as well!

How many challenges are the writers and producers currently facing? We’ve outlined several of them before, but for the sake of this article, why not compile many of them all in one place? This should help to explain further the uncertainty surrounding the series’ return to production.

Addressing the current health crisis – This one is tough, given that there are a ton of viewers out there who would probably prefer the show ignore it — Blue Bloods often exists as a distraction from the real world. Yet, the writers often choose to reflect the real world, and this would be a crisis that would impact the Reagans greatly. Two of them, after all, are in vulnerable age ranges.

Family dinners – If the show does factor in the health crisis, how are they going to tell some of these stories? It’s hard to imagine Danny, Jamie, Erin, Frank, and everyone else being able to get together every week. The writers may need to conjure up a creative solution.

Police brutality – We know that Blue Bloods has tackled this show before, and we don’t think that idea of taking it on is a challenge. Instead, it’s finding a way to deliver the right message. They need to show the plight of the arrested and deliver a nuanced story without coming across as heavy-handed, and that is not always easy to do.

Filming restrictions in New York – For the time being you can’t film with fake uniformed officers in the street, or with fake weapons. How do you work around that? Does a lot of the show fundamentally change?

Taking on the scripts already written – In this current climate, can you really go back and address what you’ve done before … or are you just better off starting over? It’s an interesting debate that is definitely worth having.

What do you think is the biggest challenge entering Blue Bloods season 11?

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