Doom Patrol season 2 finale: Show boss on season 3 hopes

Doom Patrol season 2The Doom Patrol season 2 finale has now arrived on DC Universe and HBO Max, and there was a ton of content stuffed in there. Think in terms of a few big twists, a showdown with the Candlemaker, and then a lot of main characters being stuck in wax. The cliffhanger was Dorothy-centric, and we are left to wonder what could’ve been had the show been able to do one more episode as they originally planned. As many of you may know, filming was forced to shut down early due to the health crisis.)

Rest assured that there are some plans for the future, provided that Doom Patrol gets to even have a future (which is admittedly not official at the moment). Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer Jeremy Carver had the following to say as to whether or not he wants to come back and do more:

Oh, we all do. No one likes to have unanswered questions. I think there’s enough there that people can go away with some satisfaction. There’s a little more we want to say about this, and should we get the opportunity, we’ll be saying it. I could play coy and say that what you see [with the ending] is what you get, but I’ll be honest with you and the fans. There’s a little more there to deal with, and we’d really love the opportunity to do it.

Whether or not that happens obviously depends on viewership, and it’s hard to really gauge that when streaming services do not release their numbers in advance. We think that there would be an audience for a comic-book show this weird and this fun — at the very least, why not give it a one-season tryout as a sole HBO Max exclusive? We have a hard time thinking that DC Universe is going to be able to retain it, mostly because we know that they aren’t retaining most of their scripted programming.

Hopefully, a firm decision will come in the months ahead.

What do you think about the events of the Doom Patrol season 2 finale?

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