ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2, episode 8 review: Blasts in the past

Strange as it may be to think, the characters on “Revenge” were not always as horrible and nasty as they are today. The characters that they are in the present are really just the sum of all of their past actions, and there was no better way to see that than in the new episode that aired on Sunday night. After all, we saw shreds of darkness in just about every storyline that we witnessed this week from 2006.

We’ll start things off this week with Victoria, who starting things off us by finally getting some sort of release in getting back at her mother … who clearly did not have the best history of doing nice things to her. After all, what parent in their right mind forces their daughter to spend months locked up in psychiatric care after being forced to pull out a gun and fire? As for Conrad, what sort of parent makes up documents and lies in order to ensure that their son steers clear of his desired business path? Daniel wanted to be a poet, but the hope was snatched away from him with fake rejection letters.

As for the Emily storyline, this was largely necessary in giving us a taste just of who she was during the early days of her plot, not long after her father was first accused of being a terrorist. This showed us the beginning of her time with Aiden, who she is now with in the present day after so many years apart. In seeing what the two went through, including how she convinced Takeda to help him out, we now have more of a reason to root for her. We also saw here just how desperate Nolan was to support the Clarke family, even the the point of giving up his relationship in order to assure that he was still tied to the family after his company went public.

While “Lineage” was an interesting episode from a character development standpoint, we would be remiss to say that it was fantastic. We still wonder just where this season is going, and we have yet to see the sort of watercooler moment that we have been waiting for ever since Conrad’s arrest earlier this year.

What did you think about this episode as a whole?

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