ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 spoilers: Take a deeper look at ‘Lineage’ (video)

After a one-week hiatus thanks to the American Music Awards, “Revenge” season 2 will be back with more drama Sunday night. So what sort of trouble are we about to see Emily Thorne getting into this time around? Let’s just say that she has another undercover mission; and this time, she is taking her talents straight to the Russian mob. Oh, and we should also add that we are going back in time here to 2006.

For this flashback episode, Emily’s visit to a gentleman’s establishment seems predicated on her first mission given to her by Takeda, who is teaching her the finer ways of going about a successful revenge plot. There is no indication just yet as to how this story is going to unfold, but assuming that Emily is alive and capable of just about anything in the present-day, we have to assume that there are some pretty bad things on the horizon for any man who tries to take advantage of her.

While Emily VanCamp’s character is dealing with some men who want to pay her a pretty penny for her “services,” there will also be a substantial Victoria storyline this week as we see her receive a visit from her mother; who, as it turns out, has quite a bit in common with the woman that she raised. Expect to find out at least a few things about Madeline Stowe’s character by the end of the hour, and these could even be things that Conrad tries to use against her later on. Remember, there is a reason that we are not only getting this flashback, but we are getting it now: methinks executive producer Mike Kelley has some tricks up his sleeve.

What do you anticipate happening in this flashback?

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