‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Sneak peek of Michonne, Rick meeting

The Walking DeadWhen we last left Maggie and Glenn on “The Walking Dead” season 3,they had been dragged off to Woodbury to be tortured until they give the location of the prison (or at least where Merle’s brother Daryl is), and while the Governor wouldn’t give two hoots about Merle’s baby brother, the location of the prison and the other survivors are of great interest to him.

Sunday’s episode called “When the Dead Come Knocking” will throw us right into the interrogation of Glenn and Maggie. Merle will have no problem trying to beat the location of the prison out of Glenn, where the Governor is said to be thinking of a bit of a different approach. If you are a fan of the “Walking Dead” comics, then you know just how ruthless the Governor can be when he wants something, but at this point in the AMC series, we have caught glimpses of just how dark Phillip really is (remember his creepy man cave of zombie heads?)

What is really going to be interesting is the meeting between Rick and Michonne.  Last week we saw Michonne standing at the gate of the prison with walkers all around her and Rick staring at her through the fence. From the preview we know that he will eventually let her in with the baby formula, but with how guarded Michonne is when it comes to giving out information we don’t exactly know how she’s going to be able to convince Rick and Carl to let her into the prison.

Rumor has it that by the end of “When the Dead Come Knocking” episode, Rick and the Governor will be inches away from actually meeting each other (and probably killing each other, or at least attempting to anyway). That meeting is going to be fairly epic, especially when he finds out what extremes the Governor and Merle went to in order to get the location of the prison.

Check out a new clip from “When the Dead Come Knocking” of Michonne and Rick meeting at the prison gate and be sure to leave a comment below telling us your theories on how the Governor and Merle are going to get Glenn and Maggie to give up the location of the prison.

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Photo: AMC

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