‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: A title for the Archie fans

Remember when we said that Archie / Jiminy Cricket was going to have a more prominent role soon on “Once Upon a Time” season 2? Well, let’s just say that we may now have more evidence than ever to back this up courtesy of one of the two new episode titles just announced by executive producer Adam Horowitz on Twitter.

In addition to sharing the titles for these installments, we’ll also do our best here to play detective and figure out, however, difficult it may be, just what sort of random meaning there is behind them.

Episode 2×10 – “The Cricket Game.” This is, of course, the episode that will revolve around Archie, and the carefully-chosen word “game” here is curious. Just who is Raphael Sbarge’s character playing against here: another character, himself, or a set of circumstances that he is facing off against? It’s definitely one of the cooler titles on the show this season, since it throws us a bone while still telling us that there is still a pile of them buried somewhere in the dirt.

Episode 2×11 – “The Outsider.” This title, meanwhile, is a tad more mysterious, though it still makes us want to ask the following question: are we about to see the arrival of Michael Raymond-James in Storybrooke? We know based on the first episode of the season that Neal Cassady was sent some sort of note letting him know seemingly that the curse was “broken,” and seemingly, it came courtesy of August.

What do you think that these two titles mean?

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