NCIS season 18: Should Jon Cryer return as Cyril Taft?

CryerWe all know at this point that NCIS season 18 is a long ways away from production. There’s no immediate timeline for filming, and there may not be room for too many guest stars even when the cast and crew return. Why is that? It’s going to be harder to produce large scenes amidst the current health crisis.

With that in mind, our hope is that NCIS relies more on their regulars, but then also a familiar stable of guest performers who we’ve seen before — that helps to tap into nostalgia, but also gives some individual actors some great material that they will come in and do.

For the sake of this article, why not talk about Jon Cryer as Dr. Cyril Taft? Back when the actor was cast, it was fresh off of his role on Two and a Half Men. His character was responsible for saving Gibbs’ life, and he proved to be a fascinating guy to watch. He was confident in his abilities, but not the prototypical cocky-doctor sense that you’re used to seeing within the medical-show genre. There’s a quirkiness to him that is fascinating and compelling to watch.

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So what could Cryer be up to if you bring him back? We don’t want Taft to always be a harbinger of terrible things happening to the team. Instead, could he be a master surgeon for a veteran involved in a case — or, could he have valuable insight for an investigation? Maybe he shares some common friends with another recurring character and turns up that way? We know that Jon can play comedy and drama (hence, his recent arc on Supergirl), so why not give him a chance to do a little bit of both here?

One of our real hopes is to see Cryer spend some time with Wilmer Valderrama in a potential return. Wilmer wasn’t on the show back when Jon had his three-episode arc from 2015-16, and the two both carry with them that legendary sitcom legacy. Sure, it’s not seeing Alan Harper and Fez in the same room, but there’s a delightful sort of nostalgia that could come from it. We’re almost disappointed that Taft wasn’t responsible for helping Torres after his injury last season, since that would’ve been a tremendous back-and-forth. (Granted, Taft is probably used to dealing with stubborn people — he has spent some time with Gibbs.)

Hopefully, we will get more details on NCIS in the months to come. Safety is the most important priority, and hopefully things will start to get better and production can return.

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