‘Homeland’ season 2, episode 9 preview: Carrie faces the truth (video)

Do you want to see something rather surprising when it comes to “Homeland” season 2? If so, all you have to do is check out the video below. After all, it’s not very often that you see Claire Danes’ character of Carrie actually want to give up on something … especially when that “something” is a person that she slept with in a motel a matter of hours beforehand.

The clip takes place twelve hours after Brody was captured by Abu Nazir’s people and transferred by helicopter to an unknown location, and Carrie is already thinking the worst: he’s dead, and the only real course of action left is to move on and try and find another way to take down the terrorist. However, both Saul and Quinn seem to be thinking of a somewhat different strategy in bringing in Brody’s primary contact in Roya, questioning her, and finding a way to either pull Brody out or stop Abu Nazir for good.

Will this latter plan be successful? As excellent a story as it would make for an episode, it is easy to have doubts. After all, the reporter / double agent is far deeper in the world of Nazir than even Brody is, and the last thing she would probably do as a result of this is hand over some way to stop an attack plan that is already in motion.

This episode is entitled “Two Hats,” and you can also check out the official synopsis below via Showtime:

“Brody makes a necessary phone call. Saul teams up with Virgil and Max to dig up some information on one of their own. Carrie finds herself preparing for the most important meeting of her career.”

Do you think that bringing in Roya could help Brody survive, or is this move potentially one that puts a nail even further in his coffin?

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