Snowpiercer season 2 spoilers: Boss on Melanie, Layton’s future

Snowpiercer season 1

At the end of the Snowpiercer season 1 finale, we saw a number of surprises that altered the course of the future. Take, for starters, the fact that Melanie’s daughter Alexandra is now a part of the story in the flesh, and that Jennifer Connelly’s character has now lost much of the position of leadership that she once held. There are some real role-reversals happening aboard this train, and it does feel like much of the story moving forward will be about that.

While it remains to be seen just how much Alexandra’s arrival will change the leadership structure aboard Snowpiercer, Layton and Melanie’s new roles are going to be front and center for season 2. What will these changes look like? Speaking to TV Insider, here is some of what executive producer Graeme Manson had to say:

We try and parse out [the big reveals about the characters] and make our concern a little different [for each of them]. But I think it’s interesting how it all lands on the collective shoulders of Melanie and Layton. They’ve switched roles in a sense. So Layton is now about to begin the hard task of creating a democracy, and he is also carrying this tremendous responsibility. He now has a real understanding of how brutal it is to make those decisions of who lives and who dies. Then also beyond that, we’re setting him up for a transition from revolutionary to some kind of proper politician.

And Melanie is resigned to allowing this transfer of power and supporting it, and looking forward to spending her life in the engine on the science of survival, having given up the politics. So, that balance is really interesting right up to the last moment when everything that they fought for and struggled with is now up in the air.

Clearly, there is a lot moving forward to be intrigued about, and one of the most important things worth noting now is that we already know that a season is coming. Most of the season has already been filmed, and the cast and crew should be able to wrap things up once we get to the other side of the global health crisis. This new season will, hopefully, be just as full of various twists. If that happens, we should be rather satisfied by the end result.

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