Snowpiercer finale spoilers: The aftermath of Layton’s choices

Snowpiercer season 1The Snowpiercer finale is slated to come onto TNT this weekend, and based on early indications, the class warfare is at a boiling point.

While this show can be rather beautiful to look at sometimes and has a lot of great performances, so much of it does focus in on class in the end. How do the rich react to the poor? Do the two sides come together or fall apart during crisis? How much are the first-class passengers desperate to hold on to their own façade of reality? These are the questions that the past few episodes have asked, and that is what has led to detective Layton stepping beyond his typical role — he’s a force for change now just as much as a man seeking answers. He’s protecting the Tailies to the best of his ability, but there are consequences to said leadership. There was bloodshed that came from the last rebellion.

So how does Layton see himself now? What is he having to focus on next? In a new interview with TV Insider, show executive producer Graeme Manson had the following to say on the subject:

Layton is forced to make that terrible decision to sacrifice a few to save the many and to wear that responsibility … I think it really marks the point where Layton has to graduate from a revolutionary to a leader. Layton is going to have to answer to his allies, as well as control his enemies.

With the tension not slowing down leading into these final episodes, you have to be prepared for more bloodshed. Beyond just that, we are also anticipating that there won’t be complete resolution, and the hierarchy of the train could evolve significantly leading into the second season.

What makes Snowpiercer so fascinating is that you do have this relatively-contained world; yet, in the end, we’re seeing just how much can spiral out in there depending on the circumstances the characters are presented with.

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