Blue Bloods season 11: The importance of Baker, Garrett, & Gormley

Blue Bloods season 11

We know that Blue Bloods season 11 is still a good ways away from filming. We’d love to see it back sooner rather than later, but patience is required during these hard times. Safety is critical for everyone, and we’re sure that events of the real world will be reflected in some way on the show.

For many of the core characters on Blue Bloods, there will be challenges aplenty. How will the commissioner’s office function during a health crisis? How do they work on police reform and understanding the plight of victims of brutality? There are so many focuses, and we hope that the series remembers all of the key characters who make this setting essential. Think especially about Baker, Garrett, and Gormley.

Over the coming weeks, we may take more of an individual look at the three characters and what they each contribute to the series, but for a moment, we thought it would be best to speak collectively as to their role coming up.

First and foremost, we think that they are a perfect way to showcase the strain that is being on the entire department. We hope the show takes an unflinching look at what they are going through, whether it be long hours or difficult conditions. They may be working remotely, and that could come with even more challenges. We’re sure that they may all have different opinions as to how to handle this current situation. They can be a microcosm for people trying to bridge the gap and come together with solutions. We want there to be conflict between them; that’s important in order to make a show like this work.

Not only do these three characters need to push each, but they may also need to push Frank. They could encourage him to take on new community initiatives and to try and correct dangerous trends in the city. What makes them each important is that they’ve got that built-in trust with Tom Selleck’s character. He may have final say, but he respects and listens to them. This season is a chance for these characters to be outspoken, and it’s yet another way that Blue Bloods can show perspective. This is essential for season 11, especially when it comes to beyond the core Reagan family.

What do you want to see for Baker, Garrett, and Gormley over the course of Blue Bloods season 11?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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