Blindspot season 5 episode 9: Is a big Patterson reveal coming?

Entering Blindspot season 5 episode 9 tomorrow night, it goes without saying that the drama is at an all-time peak. We lost Reade earlier on in the season and, at least for now, they want us to believe that we are also losing Patterson. They’ve set things up where it is hard to imagine her surviving. We saw her in the room where the fire was about to start coming down!

Yet, we haven’t seen a body as of yet, and when you don’t see a body, that often lends itself to all sorts of different theories. We know that there are some that could look at a promotional photo for episode 10 (also airing tomorrow night) as proof that Patterson survives, but it could always be a dream sequence/flashback to an event we just haven’t seen. We don’t think it’s 100% a guarantee of anything, even though we remain hopeful.

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Provided that Patterson does survive, our major question at present is this: How long do you keep us waiting? Do you reveal something at the end of episode 9 leading into episode 10, or do you give away her survival almost immediately … if she is alive?

If we had to state a preference, it would be that Blindspot season 5 episode 9 not give anything away immediately on Patterson’s fate. Spend a good 15 or so minutes with us getting into the heads of Jane, Weller, and the rest of the group. If we know that Patterson is alive right away, it takes away from whatever suspense or pain we could feel. It’s more powerful for the sake of the story if there are some unknowns mixed in here.

If we do learn that Patterson is alive in episode 9, from there we want to know the mechanics of how it happened. The more creative the reveal, the better since it’s slightly less fun if it’s something that can about randomly or doesn’t highlight any of her personal strengths. The best way for Patterson to survive, at least in our mind, is that she survives in a way that almost no one else could. Let’s make it special that she is still there!

If Patterson is alive, how do you think Blindspot season 5 episode 9 will reveal it?

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