NCIS season 18: Who could Gibbs confide in about Sloane?

NCISWe know that there are plenty of people out there eagerly hoping for something big when it comes to Gibbs and Sloane on NCIS season 18. Rest assured that we’re right there with a lot of you. This is a relationship that has been slowly blossoming and we do think that eventually, something could very well happen between the two.

Yet, we’ve also watched this show for long enough already to know that if there is something that blossoms, it’s certainly not going to happen immediately. There are going to be stepping stones and little moments along the way that help bring us from point A to point B. We’re excited to get somewhere big with this relationship eventually … but it’s going to be a wait. Right now, the question we’re left to wonder is who Gibbs will eventually confide in about any potential feelings.

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Before we do too much else, let’s go ahead and state this — we don’t think that he is going to make some sort of grand confession. It will probably come naturally as a part of a conversation. Maybe he won’t even admit to anything and someone is just able to better pick up on some of his feelings.

In the end, there are a few candidates we could see Mark Harmon’s character

Sloane herself – Is it possible that she just finds out herself? If Gibbs doesn’t want to beat around the bush, maybe — we’re just trying to visualize how that would come about. What sort of conversation would cause him to open up like this?

Dr. Grace – There’s something so juicy about this idea. If Gibbs were to confide in her that he harbors some feelings, then she would be in a position where she would know where both of them stand. Yet, would she really be able to do anything about it at all?

Timothy McGee – Given that McGee and Gibbs were at the center of an emotional moment in “The Arizona,” you can make the argument that this would be who he would want to have a conversation with about something secret. Yet, there’s a difference between talking about your experience in service and harboring feelings for someone … we just don’t know how the subject comes up, but it’s possible.

Fornell – There is a reasonable case to made here, given that the two guys are of similar age and they do have a friendship. If Gibbs doesn’t think he can talk about it at work, maybe the conversation comes up away from it.

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Who do you think Gibbs could confide in when it comes to Sloane?

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