Blue Bloods season 11: How much Nicky should we see?

Blue Bloods season 11

We’ve already established that there is a real need for some Nicky-centric storylines on Blue Bloods season 11. Sami Gayle’s character offers up a unique perspective that the Reagan family does not otherwise have. She’s of a different generation than most of the other characters, and she lives and works now in a separate place. She can bring the family a larger sense of what’s happening from the outside world. If there was ever a family so deep into the forest that they cannot see the trees, this one is it.

Of course, we should note that there is a difference between us saying that Blue Bloods season 1 needs more Nicky and then the character actually turning up on the show itself. She was around less in season 10 than virtually any other to date; will that end up changing moving into season 11?

When it comes to this show, it is hard to make big, bold predictions this far ahead — especially when you think about where we are right now in the world. It’s hard to determine when production is going to start, let alone what characters will be involved. One challenge could be finding a way to bring Nicky back since she’s probably not going to jump a flight in the middle of a pandemic to see her family, only to then go back to the West Coast again. Either she’d need to be back with her family or not, provided the show writes in the current health crisis (which seems likely based on what has been said so far).

If Nicky is back around her family, then it goes without saying that we’ll see a lot more of her. We want her to be successful, but can’t she find a job a little bit closer to them? Another scenario is that Nicky could be gone for the first part of the season, but then come back and play a larger role in the second half. We feel like the character deserves at least a few big episodes, and appearances in most of the episodes — even if it’s just family dinner.

As for whether or not it will happen … that’s going to be up to the writers to figure it all out.

How much of Nicky do you want to see on Blue Bloods season 11?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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