‘New Girl’ season 2 spoilers: First look at ‘The Newsroom’s’ Olivia Munn!

While she has recently shown off a dramatic side on “The Newsroom” as Sloan Sabbith, Olivia Munn is going to be returning to some of her comedy roots beginning on December 4, where she will be stopping by an already-established hit in “New Girl.” And, to make matters even more exciting, she is going to be around for more than one episode.

As for who she is going to play, there are only two things at the moment that we can really share: she will be a love interest for one Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), and she will also be someone that he meets at his bar. This is clearly one of the best things to come out of Nick’s job thus far; if nothing else, it is clearly worlds better than when he spent a full episode having a conversation with someone he genuinely believed be an older version of himself.

Munn is going to for sure be around for the episode airing on December 11, but we have a feeling that this may be it for the actress. Why? She is still a series regular on Aaron Sorkin’s hit HBO show, and considering that production has already begun on it, Sloan has probably been called back for duty already. We will say this: the top Munn is wearing in the picture above is something that her uptight character on that show would never be caught in.

Nick will not be the only one getting romantic during these December episodes, as David Walton is also set to return as Jess’ no-strings-attached boyfriend, who ditched her earlier this year when he realized she wanted more than he was willing to give.

Are you excited to see what Munn brings to the table here?

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