NCIS season 18: Four character pairings we want to see

NCISHow did NCIS make it all the way to a season 18? One of the biggest reasons why is the cast of characters. We come to love these people, whether it be their heroism, their quirky personalities, or their interactions with each other. We become attached to their friendships, and what’s always been fun for us is seeing a story or two where characters are isolated and forced to work with one or two others in order to save the day.

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So what character pairings are the most interesting to us entering season 18? We thought it would be fun to explore that within this piece! Note that we’re trying to avoid the most-obvious ones here; it goes without saying that we want plenty of Bishop/Torres and Gibbs/Sloane moments coming up.

McGee and Bishop – We know that there’s a lot of romantic possibilities with Bishop and Torres, but there’s something about this nerdy friendship that is so endearing. They can celebrate their geeky pursuits with each other, but then also maybe confide important info with one another. Bishop could get advice for McGee on Torres or other important things in her life!

Gibbs and Vance – The dynamic between the two of them is fascinating, to put it mildly. Vance recognizes that Gibbs often works well as a lone wolf, but there are politics and protocol associated with this job and there is going to be a constant push-and-pull. We’d love to see the two work together more on a story where Gibbs finds himself more in Leon’s position and vice-versa.

Torres and Palmer – How can we not want a reprisal of the great art-class brawl we saw on the show in the past? There’s just so much potential for fun stuff here, since the two are so different in a lot of ways but also exceptional at what they do. It’s an unlikely bromance that we can easily get behind.

Sloane and Kasie – This is one that we really haven’t seen that much of, but what we like about is that you have two women who operate in important roles who don’t always get a lot of credit for their efforts. It’s similar in that way to Kasie and Palmer having a big story together in “Blarney” — the players involved now are just different and it’d be great to see the evolution of some sort of friendship here.

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What do you want to see when it comes to character pairings on NCIS season 18?

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