Blindspot season 5 season 8: Is Patterson really dead?

BlindspotTonight on Blindspot season 5, we basically saw everything and then some hit the fan. This was a chaotic, dramatic hour from start to finish, and one that led to Tasha Zapata finding herself in grave danger.

After being separated from our heroes for most of the season, Madeline was finally able to track down Zapata with the help of Keaton, who turned out to be a traitor after it looked previously like he was helping the team. He was instead a part of an elaborate setup, and this is where almost everything hit the fan.

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As a matter of fact, this is where some of the tears may start to kick in. It appears as though we lost Patterson, one of the most beloved characters on the entire show, within a sea of fire! Given that we lost Reade a little bit earlier on this season, we know that this show will kill off central characters. Yet, we wanted to believe that there was still a way that she could emerge through what happened. We did love some of the emotional moments that transpired between her and Rich Dotcom leading up to it; we honestly thought that Rich was going to be the one who died. It’s one of those moments that will play out in our mind for a good while — it’s devastating, frankly, even if we do hold out hope for some sort of alternate ending where she turns back up.

In the closing minutes, we saw Madeline bring in all of her remaining fugitives. It seemed as though she had won yet again and with that, the team is cornered and the only people who can still help her are Afreen and Weitz. We don’t know just how much faith you can have in Weitz at the moment, given that the guy was trying to take off right before Madeline showed up with Jane and company in tow.

For the record, we like to think Patterson is still alive … somehow. We know how smart she is!

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