Big Brother 22: The case for (and against) it happening

Big Brother -We know that the internet at the moment is littered with various Big Brother 22 rumors and we get it — a lot of people are stuck at home and looking for an escape! We’re right there with you. This show is a perfect summer diversion and we definitely would like to see it back at some point in the future. There is certainly a lot of conversation out there about it, with various casting rumors for an All-Star season all over the place alongside chatter over possible premiere dates. We’ve stated for well over a month now that a late July/early August premiere date felt feasible, provided that we even got a season at all.

For the sake of this article, we simply want to lay out why there could be a season this summer — complete with actual evidence — and then also why there may not be one at all. You can also view our recent take on some of the Dan rumors below. Once you do that, be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and view our playlist. We’ll have more coverage all season long, provided of course there is one.

The case for a Big Brother 22 – There’s definitely enough smoke that suggests CBS is planning to make a season happen. There’s buzz aplenty from former players, multiple reports about various people being contacted, and quietly there have been some interesting wheels turning from the network itself. Take, for example, them creating a verified account on Tiktok for the show, and then also updating the live-feeds page of their website.

CBS has also never officially canceled Big Brother this summer, even if they haven’t quite commented beyond that.

The case against Big Brother 22 this summer – The pandemic. It’s a really cut-and-dry answer but it’s simply. There are a billion reasons why CBS wants another season but one enormous reason why it may not happen. The health crisis is simply the only reason why we haven’t heard anything else when it comes to the future of the show yet. They don’t want to announce something only to then cancel it, and with California cases spiking and Los Angeles County seeing a number of institutions shut down, there has to be a fear they won’t be able to move forward.

Note, though, that television production has not been officially shut down again, as of this writing. The Bold and the Beautiful has already resumed production, and there are plans for The Young and the Restless to do the same. We know CBS wants a season; they just don’t want to have to shut it down in the middle like the Canadian version was forced to do.

When will they need to make a decision? – There’s honestly no timetable. It could be this week, or it could be in three weeks. The truth is that so long as none of CBS’ scripted shows for the fall are able to film, there will always be a need for Big Brother. They can’t turn those shows around quickly and this show is a way for them to fill the gap in between. That’s why even if it doesn’t happen this summer, it could end up airing this fall if shows like Survivor and NCIS are not ready.

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