Stargirl episode 8 promo: Does Shiv know Stargirl’s secret?

Stargirl - shivAs you prepare for Stargirl episode 8 next week, there is one big question worth asking: How much danger is Courtney in? It feels like the short answer to this is simple: A lot.

At the end of the fight with Shiv on tonight’s episode, it’s clear that Stargirl is going to need some time to recover. We’re seeing Pat worry about her now and is wondering if all of this was really worth it. Should she take a step back rather than another, dangerous step forward? Shiv is dangerous, powerful, and her fight with Courtney was pretty awesome. What makes things even trickier is that the two are going to be around each other in school. Cindy has seen Stargirl and Courtney and probably recognizes the physical resemblance.

That scene at the end of the promo? It’s chilling — very chilling, to put it mildly. It’s possible that she is coming to her in some sort of threatening way. We think that this is going to pose a huge issue for Courtney unless she is able to get through Cindy’s very-jaded exterior. She’s someone who has gone through a lot and because of that, has an extremely jaded view of the world. This is going to make it rather hard to stop her from any sort of reign of terror.

We’ll also be rather honest here — we’re not sure we want Cindy to be anything other than a villain. In the comics, Shiv is one of Stargirl’s greatest foes — we would rather see her just become more and more evil over time and set the stage for a lot of big battles down the road. She’s also a perfect rival for her since the two are around the same age and are still trying to grasp some of their powers.

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