Blue Bloods season 11: The new challenges of family dinner

Blue Bloods season 11

Family dinners mean a lot in the world of Blue Bloods. They are featured in every episode in some shape or form, and are often the only opportunity to see the entire cast together. It’s a construct that so few shows out there employ, and it’s something that is relatable to a huge chunk of the series’ overall viewer base.

As we prepare now for season 11, we think that these scenes are going to look and feel more important than ever. For many people out there, their own family-dinner traditions have been upended by the current health crisis, and they’re missing an element of normalcy. We’re not sure that when Blue Bloods come back, you’ll be seeing family dinners as they once were — but, we’re sure that the writers have thought already of ways that the family can get together. The message and sentiment of these dinners can remain in order to ensure that they continue to be comforting for people.

Multiple Blue Bloods cast members have already mentioned that there are plans to acknowledge some of what is going on in the real world — with that, there are a couple of ways we could imagine the family-dinner scenes playing out. It’s possible that we could see the premiere feature the first family dinner the Reagans have had in several months — given that the first episode probably would not air until September or October at the earliest, maybe the show will hope that the country will be in better shape by then.

Yet, it’s also possible that the show many not be able to make that happen, given that shooting a scene involving a big chunk of the cast in a small, confined space is not necessarily the safest thing to do at the moment. We wouldn’t be surprised if the show finds a unique way to do family dinner, whether it be a virtual one or have characters talk to one another by phone while they eat. It may even send the best possible message in these times.

No matter what the team figures out, we’re confident that there is a creative situation that they are thinking through that will give viewers the nostalgia and comfort they crave from these scenes. A modified family dinner scene shouldn’t be depressing; instead, it should serve as a signal for perseverance and hopefully, an inspiration for a lot of people out there.

What do you most want to see when it comes to Blue Bloods season 11, including with Reagan family dinners?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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