Blue Bloods season 11: A look at potential Joe Hill conflicts

Blue Bloods season 11

Moving into Blue Bloods season 11, it feels inevitable that Joe Hill is going to be a pivotal part of the story. How can he not be? This is a Reagan who has come out of nowhere and the entire family is going to have to get accustomed to having them around. We think there’s an excitement there, but also a nervousness at the same exact time.

Of course, Blue Bloods is a show that is rooted in family conflict, so what can you really expect to see with Joe and some of your established favorites? We can think of a few different ideas from the jump here.

1. Differences in ideology – Joe grew up separately from the Reagans, and it doesn’t feel as though his mom was incredibly eager to throw him into this world. He may not share the same views on many different things that the family holds near and dear. There could be some simple family conflict about how they come together.

2. Awkwardness in general – This is something that Eddie knows quite well. It’s very hard to infiltrate a family who has spent decades around each other, and at least she had Jamie to rely on. Joe doesn’t really have anyone — maybe Eddie will help since she understands the feeling of being an outsider, but nothing is altogether guaranteed here.

3. What sort of cop is Joe? – We know that he’s landed a pretty good position on the force for his age, which means that he’s headstrong and perhaps a little bit stubborn. Maybe he thinks that he’s going to be right a lot. More than likely, there will be conflict that comes from him clashing with Jamie, Danny, or some other cops on the job. He won’t be used to having someone looking over his shoulder.

4. Who will he get along with the most? – He’s in a pretty interesting spot in that he’s younger than all of the main Reagans, but also older than Sean or Nicky. Will he be able to find a group within the family to relate to?

What do you want to see from Joe Hill on Blue Bloods season 11?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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