‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ season 2: Zachary Quinto talks ‘Bloody Face’ reveal

For weeks now fans of “American Horror Story: Asylum” season 2 have been glued to their television sets every Wednesday night waiting for the big reveal – who is the man behind Bloody face. (Warning: spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t had a chance to watch last week’s episode you will want to stop reading now.)

Ryan Murphy and company somehow managed to hide the fact that Zachary Quinto’s ‘Dr. Thredson’ was really a monstrous killer named Bloody face on the hit FX series since the premiere aired in October, but what’s is really amazing about this is the fact that unlike shows like “Mad Men” where big plot lines are not revealed to the actors until the day of filming, Quinto tells TV Equals that he knew about Dr. Thredson’s dark side from the beginning. He said;

“Yes, I knew from the very beginning. It was part of the conversation that I had with Ryan [Murphy] about me coming back to the second installment of the show, in the first place.  It very much informed the character that I was building from the beginning. As a result, I felt like my responsibility became to create a character that people could trust, or at least trust initially, and have some hope that perhaps he is actually the one voice of reason and sanity within this chaotic world. So it was actually more exciting for me to know from the beginning. It gave me more to play with and more to hold back and more secrets to keep.”

Quinto went on to say that the fan reaction to Dr. Thredson being Bloody face has been very supportive and that viewers are “excited” about the direction in which Murphy is taking the story.  Now that we know who Bloody face is, the pressing question is why is this man killing women and what is the motivation behind his fascination in skinning his victims and turning them into household items? Quinto said that on tonight’s episode called “The Origins of Monstrosity” viewers will get a deeper look into the roots of the characters in the “Asylum” world and what drives them to do what they do, so fans will start to get a better idea as to what motivates Dr. Thredson.

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