Siren season 4: Are there optimistic signs for renewal?

Siren - FreeformIt’s been a little while now since the Siren season 3 finale aired on Freeform … so what’s the holdup when it comes to a season 4 renewal? Is that still something that we can have optimism for?

Well, the situation is complicated … as it often is. Ideally, we like to get news on a renewal within a couple of weeks of a finale airing, at the latest. Yet, that does not always happen … and we could see things being delayed even further when you consider where we are at the moment as a country. The current health crisis is making negotiations trickier just because there is SO much uncertainty. We’re not sure that Freeform is in all that much of a hurry, mostly because it’s not like they have a reason to be. Filming won’t begin for months at the earliest, so they may as well take their time to consider all avenues.

The fact that there is no decision announced as of yet shows that the network is, at least, actively thinking about the show’s future. If they wanted to cancel it, they’ve had time to do so and with the news cycle these days, they could have tried to bury the bad news somewhere. Networks do that often. It just hasn’t happened yet.

Meanwhile, Freeform is still promoting the show on social media — they’ve done so twice over the past couple of days, urging people to watch the season on Hulu. Encouraging viewership is a positive sign, since Hulu numbers could help ensure a renewal further. Yet, it doesn’t guarantee anything.

When you consider all of the variables, we like to think that there are reasons to be optimistic over a renewal. Are there reasons for concern? Sure, with the biggest one being simply that Freeform has a nasty habit of canceling shows far too soon. We really don’t want to see Siren become the next Shadowhunters and go far too soon. We want it to get a proper ending eventually, and one that doesn’t feel forcibly put-together in just a couple of episodes.

Do you want a Siren season 4 renewal to happen?

Be sure to let us know some of your thoughts and hopes below! Once you do just that, remember to stick around to get some additional news. (Photo: Freeform.)

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