Big Brother 22: Why social-media posts are little evidence of casting

Big Brother 21Over the past couple of weeks, there has been plenty of speculation when it comes to Big Brother 22Could it be All-Stars? Are people seriously packing up for sequester? What do various social-media posts mean? We’ve all been driving ourselves crazy over the past several weeks trying to get more information.

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As speculation heats up over the next several days, we are here to provide a little bit of insight as to what to do with most social-media rumors: Don’t read too much into them. Why? There are a multitude of reasons.

1. Houseguests are smart – If you think that a contestant is being overly-cryptic that they have been cast on the show, remember this — a lot of people who are actually cast wouldn’t want to post something that could jeopardize their chances and make CBS mad. People with nothing to lose can tease all they want. People who go on reality TV typically want attention … that doesn’t go away now. We tend to believe that it’s the quieter people you should be focusing on more … at least of the notable players.

Also, remember that houseguests can pre-tape videos for Twitter/Instagram and do things to make you believe that they are not in sequester even if they are. Other than maybe Dan Gheesling Twitch streams (we don’t know how you could fake hours of those in advance), a lot of other non-live video stuff can be pre-planned.

2. Producers have the power – Remember, the powers-that-be CAN CHANGE THEIR MIND. Even if there is a social-media “confirmed” all-star cast out there, it could change. It’s still possible that there’s not even a season at all.

3. Be cautious about random, anonymous Twitter accounts – Every now and then, one surfaces that can be accurate … but the majority of them are created for the sole purpose of messing with people. We doubt that changes anytime soon.

What about Julie Chen clues?

We’d be more inclined to listen to the show’s host, who posted some strange/cryptic stuff last fall on her Instagram and Twitter. Yet, the strange thing is that Julie has been incredibly quiet on her social-media channels. Save for a couple of retweets, she has not posted something herself about Big Brother on Twitter or Instagram since before the health crisis started. We think that’s two-fold — she may not want to generate false hope or take away from the important events that are going on in the world right now. Nonetheless, it is interesting that Julie remains so quiet — that may change if CBS makes an announcement.

Of course, we’ll have more on Big Brother 22 as it comes out; be sure to check back to this link, and also stick around for more news. (Photo: CBS.)

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