Outlander: The case for a season for every single book

Outlander season 4The Outlander season 5 hiatus is still going strong … and yes, it’s going to continue for a long time still. There’s a lot to be excited about from season 6, which should take much of inspiration from the Diana Gabaldon book A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

Is it possible that the series will end up moving past that, and also taking some elements from Book 7? In theory sure, since we’ve seen already the series take pieces from other books and mix them around. We already had a good bit of that in season 5!

Yet, we haven’t heard anything as of this moment that suggests that Outlander is dramatically shifting things around when it comes to their plans to give us a season per book of Gabaldon’s series. We’re not a book reader ourselves, but we’ve heard time and time again that there is more than enough material left in Book 6 for it to comprise a full season of the show. All of these stories are very much dense and full of memorable moments; there is no shortage of events to pull from.

The question that still very much remains is whether or not Outlander can make it to a season 10, to match the number of books there are planned at present for the series. Gabaldon has long said that the showrunners won’t ever catch up to where she is in the story, so odds are that they are not going to start combining so much content per season that they get a little ahead of the game. If the show does end, it’s going to be because they don’t finish the story as opposed to them just condensing multiple books in advance. We can’t sit here and tell you that there will be ten seasons — we’d love to have that ability, but we don’t. All we can say is that there’s a good chance at a season 7, and given that Starz and Sony often negotiate multiple seasons at once, a season 8 seems fairly feasible.

For now, just keep watching … but don’t be worried about the show running out of story. There’s so much material, and we personally prefer Gabaldon getting to finish her story in book form first.

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Do you think it’s possible that we make it to an Outlander season 10?

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