NCIS season 18: What are feasible episode ideas with current limitations?

NCISWe know that CBS would like to have NCIS season 18 on the air this fall. However, there is no guarantee that this will happen. The network has yet to set an official production date, and while filming may be technically allowed now in California, there are a lot of health regulations that need to be set.

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In general, the entertainment industry is going to look a little different over the next few months, so the question we’re left to wonder now is rather simple: What can NCIS do to create episodes, while still practicing some safety? What sort of episodes are easier to pull off? Below, we have four different ideas that could at least be considered.

1. An interrogation room episode – Sometimes, simple things can be best. We’ve seen almost an entire episode of Line of Duty that took place in interrogation, and there could be something quite fascinating watching individual members of the team question a suspect before getting answers. Even if there are some scenes elsewhere, the vast majority of it could take place within just one room.

2. A “day in the life” of a given character – We actually love these sort of episodes a lot. Focus on Gibbs and one of the other agents throughout an entire day. In limiting the point of view, you reduce the number of people and even locations necessarily. Also, you add a lot of personal insight, as well, into who a given person is.

3. A case set at the field office – We’ve stories take place almost entirely there before, and it feels like this is an easy thing for the writers to pull off again. All they have to do is have a crime take place there that requires the team to hunker down. Or, maybe everyone gathers there after hours, when there would be even fewer people around. This limits the number of locations and actors once more.

4. An episode set entirely outdoors – While on-location work can be tricky, the benefit to doing this is that you have fresh air around many of the cast and crew working. You could still limit the number of actors, but place them in a reasonably accommodating environment.

In general, the base ideas that NCIS should be considering are finding a way to tell stories where there are fewer actors, a smaller number of sets, and moments that don’t require characters to be extremely close to each other. These are little things that could end up going a long way.

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What sort of stories are you hoping for in NCIS season 18?

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