‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Will Blaine resist temptation in ‘Dynamic Duets’?

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Fans of Kurt and Blaine were devastated when Ryan Murphy decided to pull the plug on their relationship, but the break up was even more heart breaking  because of Blaine’s indiscretion with another man that left Kurt in a puddle on the floor (as well as many of the long time viewers).

So are we going to see Kurt and Blaine find their way back to one another? As much as we all want to see them back together, Murphy will likely keep them split up for a while.  As we saw on the last episode of “Glee”, Blaine is desperate to talk to Kurt and work things out, but Kurt is not willing to listen to anything Blaine has to say at this point, but that doesn’t mean he won’t down the road as time heals all wounds.

On Thursday’s episode of “Glee” called “Dynamic Duets” it looks like Blaine is going to be facing a temptation of sorts when he is reunited with the very cute (but also a little evil) Dalton Warbler Sebastian. Although Sebastian is someone that Blaine has enjoyed a little flirty banter with in the past, don’t expect to see a lot of that happening again in this episode.  Rumor also has it, that we are going to learn the identity of the man that Blaine cheated on Kurt with, but a ‘friend’ will help him keep his mind off the temptation and squarely on the man who matters most to him – Kurt.

As for Rachel and Finn, TVLine reports that Finn will be throwing himself deep into Glee club to help get the kids ready for sectionals and will be focusing a lot less on his lack of communication with Rachel. Thursday night’s episode will be a bit of a let down for anyone that was hoping to see more of the fall out between Rachel and Brody after he ended up in bed with their dance teacher, Cassandra as this episode will be focusing on the new students at McKinley High.

Want to see what Blaine is going to be up to on Thursday night’s “Dynamic Duets” episode of the show? If so, all you have to do is watch the promo over at the link here.

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