NCIS season 18: How could Mark Harmon’s Gibbs continue changing?

Mark HarmonOver the course of NCIS the past couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of development for Mark Harmon and his character of Jethro Gibbs. While he may have a lot of the same DNA of the guy we’ve known for so many years, there are inklings that he’s ready to try something new. His conversation with Dr. Grace back in season 16 was illuminating, and it was equally important that he opened up to McGee in the season 17 finale.

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So how could Gibbs continue to evolve from here? It’s important to note that it’s not going to be so simple as him opening up to every person on the team. This is a slow evolution — Gibbs is of an age where you don’t do a 180 on who you are over time. He has to get comfortable with the idea of leeting people in, and there are a few different ways that this could happen.

1. Act more on his feelings – We know that a part of him wishes he had thought of giving Sloane something for Valentine’s Day — why not go through with it? Why not take a risk with something like that? We know that it could break a rule about dating a co-worker, so it doesn’t have to be romantic per se. Just showing that he cares about her platonically is a step in the right direction.

2. Allow yourself to share memories from your past – McGee respects Gibbs immensely, and because of that, he is a perfect person to communicate with in terms of what he’s gone through. We really hope that there is a bond that becomes more and more important to the two of them over time and that the events from “The Arizona” continue.

3. Don’t go rogue as often – We know Gibbs feels like his work with Fornell is personal — hence, him “taking time off” last season when he may have been helping him. Why not loop in these people who trust you and are about you?

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We know that there are many more ways that Gibbs could subtly change without shaking up his entire identity — and we’ll leave it to you in the comments to share ideas! Also, remember to keep coming back for more updates. (Photo: CBS.)

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