Blue Bloods season 11: Why Nicky may be more important than ever

Blue Bloods season 11

We know that CBS is planning to air Blue Bloods at some point this fall — at least if production allows it. This is a series that is stuffed full of big questions at the moment, in light of a number of different things that are going on in the real world.

One of the real challenges of season 11 is going to be finding a way to deliver an outside perspective on the Reagan family and the NYPD in these specific times. Almost every character on the show is a part of law enforcement; they are a policing dynasty, and in many ways so deep into the forest that it’s impossible to see the trees.

This is where the character of Nicky comes into play, and how we could be setting up for her to have one of the most important roles that she’s had on the series yet.

Entering this season, we foresee Nicky being stuck in one of the most challenging positions of anyone. She’s living on the other side of the country, working in a job that is very much different from her mom Erin or any of her other family members. She’s also in a position where she is probably going to be asked a lot of questions about the NYPD from her friends and colleagues. They will have strong opinions about police brutality and corruption, and she has a perspective that no one else has.

What this perspective is going to allow is a chance for some meaningful dialogue. If Nicky gets to return to New York in season 11, she will bring with her an outsider point-of-view that Frank, Danny, and Jamie won’t have. She can help bridge the gap between these differing perspective. There could be a lot of conflict that comes out of these conversations on policing, but that’s valuable. Nicky represents a different generation, and it is one that is politically active and at times distrusting of authority.

Blue Bloods is not a political show, and nor does it need to be to address police brutality — they’ve done it before, but never in this current context. They need to focus on the reality of the issue, but also voices that can bring different ideas to light. Nicky is not a cop, she’s living in another part of the country, and she’s young. All of this makes her well-suited to be a character the show can lean on for insight.

How important do you think Nicky is going to be moving into Blue Bloods season 11?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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