‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Who gets kidnapped in ‘Helter Skelter’?

Even though we have yet to see the next “Dexter” season 7 episode entitled “Helter Skelter,” there is one thing that we can guarantee about it already based on the first promo released by Showtime: things are going to get crazy. With that in mind, doesn’t the title really seem appropriate?

After finally starting to learn enough about the character of Isaak to actually start appreciating him, we are  going to see him make his biggest move yet this coming week in trying to do to Dexter what was done to him: taking someone that he loves away from him. However, he does not necessarily seem to be 100% interested in killing her; if Isaak was only looking for that, after all, why in the world would he worry about holding her hostage? Instead, there is obviously something else that he is hoping to obtain from this, and it is a simple question now as to whether or not he is going to get it. The only other option here seems to be that Dexter finds a way to kill him, and then all is right with the world.

So what else could be transpiring this week? The promo also gives us a tease about the continuation into the Bay Harbor Butcher case, which LaGuerta is now researching on her own. She is quickly proving to be a tough and resourceful cop, though the one qualm we have with the story is this: if it was so easy to trace the murders back to Dexter here, why was it so hard the first time around back in season 2? Granted, you did have Dexter at that point putting out evidence to try and incriminate Doakes.

What do you think is going to happen during this “Dexter” season 7 episode?

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