‘Dexter’ season 7, episode 8 review: The truth hurts

Dexter and Debra MorganFor the first time on “Dexter” season 7, Sunday night’s new episode helped us to realize a few key things: not only are we totally on board now with both Isaak and Hannah McKay as villains, but this season is in particular building up to be easiest the finest work Showtime and the producers have put out there since the Trinity Killer was on the scene. Even though there are still four episodes still left, there was really quite a bit put on the table over the course of the hour (and we are not even talking about bodies here) that brings us to an entirely new place within the series.

For one thing, that whole issue of Deb being in love with her brother is now out in the open … at least to the extent that Dexter knows about it. Watching his facial expression was almost like watching get run over by a bus, and it was just one of two moments early on during this episode that were fine examples of great acting. The other came courtesy of Dexter’s conversation with Isaak, where for the first time we had a real sense of just who this man really is. He was in love with Viktor, and this explains why he has been so desperate to get his revenge by killing Dexter.

The way in which these stories are being woven together is rather fascinating, mostly because it is getting clearer by the second that in a matter of time, everything will be out in the open. After all, Isaak and Dexter share a commonality in that they would do anything to protect the ones that they love, even if it means taking drastic measure. In addition to that, Dexter also has a major situation coming up courtesy of LaGuerta, who has traced the Bay Harbor Butcher case back to his boat. It’s not definitive proof by any means, but the Captain is probably going to be rather curious why he decided to change marinas right around the time that the investigation into James Doakes was going on.

How much trouble do you think Dexter is in now, and what do you think was the craziest moment of the night: Deb telling Dexter her feelings, Deb lighting one up with Astor in the backyard, or merely the fact that our favorite serial killer is in so much trouble? If you do want to read some more of the latest “Dexter” scoop now, all you have to do is visit the story that is up here.

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