‘Gossip Girl’ season 6, episode 6 preview: Blair’s ‘shift of marketing strategy’

Leighton Meester

When it comes to Blair Waldorf’s new work with Waldorf Designs, it’s pretty clear that business has been hit-or-miss. Sage pretty much ruined her first-ever runway show; but after debuting a controversial gown a little later, she is suddenly the talk of the town again and has the dress in the hands of a few major retailers.

So this is something that her mother would be proud of her for … right? Wrong! On Monday night’s new “Gossip Girl” season 6 episode “Where the Vile Things Are” (which seems like an oddly-appropriate way to describe what we are seeing so far), Blair and her mom sit down for a heart-to-heart that turns ugly rather quickly, as Blair’s mother informs her that she does not approve in the slightest of some of the risque manners in which she is promoting her company. It’s one thing to get publicity, but she doesn’t quite want to get it for publicity’s sake.

With this in mind, Blair is given an ultimatum here to either shape up or shape out when it comes to the new business: she can either try to rehab the image of the company by sticking with fewer publicity stunts that shock people, or she can go and embrace her wild side somewhere else. Blair agrees that she will tone it down, but who’s to say how long that will really last for?

What do you think about this new sneak peek, and do you think Blair is going to be able to right the ship in her mother’s eyes? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts with a comment below!┬áDo you want some more scoop about the upcoming “Gossip Girl” series finale? If you are angling to find out more there, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

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