Fuller House spin-off: Why it’s unlikely to happen at Netflix

Fuller HouseWe know that we’ve made it to the end of Fuller House, but have we reached the end of the franchise as we know it?

As of late, we’ve talked a good bit about how the end of the series on Netflix could set the stage for some sort of season 6. After all, the series finale featured DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie all deciding that they want to continue to live together, and that is the way that we foresee it going. This serves as a tremendously-happy conclusion to the main series, but when you think about possible spin-offs, it doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room.

Think about it — you couldn’t do a separate show about any of these characters without the other ones being there. Fundamentally, it just wouldn’t work! You’d spend the majority of your time wishing that the other characters were around and there just isn’t anything as satisfying about that.

As for some of the older characters, you can pretty much throw Uncle Jesse out the window now. Without Aunt Becky, it just wouldn’t work and there’s a 0% chance that we’re going to see Lori Loughlin star on a show in this world anytime soon. Danny Tanner, meanwhile, has already had his own show in Full House. If they were going to do something with Dave Coulier as Joey, wouldn’t they have done that ages ago?

The only other possibility we could think of is finding a way to do a spin-off about one of the kids a decade or two later — but will the enthusiasm be there for a character like Ramona then? We’re just not sure. While Full House was a generational hit, we don’t think that Fuller House holds the same place in the pop-culture zeitgeist. It performed well on Netflix, but almost no show has that same level of multi-generational appeal that a sitcom did decades ago.

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